Exercise Your Right
to Better Information


Our in depth knowledge of manufacturing assets, processes, and operations, provides unique insight into the best solution for transforming raw data into actionable information.

Freedom eLOG® is at the heart of the Freedom IIoT platform. eLOG is cloud-based software suite that seamlessly “Connects and Collects™” production asset data to dramatically improve efficiency by providing our customers full transparency of manufacturing information, such as generating reports and analytics for optimization of machine health, process health, and OEE from the shop floor to the top floor.
Easily break down and filter data so as to group production results by shift, categorize data for comparisons between shifts for continuous improvement programs, and promote best practices between shifts.
Receive scheduled reports to your inbox and get real time push text alerts to your mobile devices for various production activities and machine performance such as maintenance issues, unscheduled downtime, or any other performance that is of interest to you.
We know that manufacturers have a variety of machine types and makes of all ages. Our goal was to make it easy to connect those assets, so we developed unique software interfaces and devices for obtaining machine performance data, analyzing it, and displaying without the need for changes to the controllers or machine itself.
SmartBoards™ enables users to create a customizable view of asset performance that is most pertinent to them. Each SmartBoard can be set up for a single machine, or a group of machines. They can also be used to create unique, dynamic, metrics displays on the plant floor.
The e$CORE® core application generates a monetized version of asset performance based on the six span-time categories as defined by the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT). It provides full transparency into manufacturing gains or losses in terms of dollars, putting your plant floor’s financial performance at your fingertips.